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Warren County man charged in year-long string of 21 burglaries

WARREN COUNTY, Mo (KMOV.com) – Warren County officers have arrested a Truesdale man for a string of burglaries over the last year.

George Augusta III, 30, was arrested after a homeowner called police on December 21. The victim noticed Augusta leaving their driveway and notified police that they had been burglarized.

Authorites apprehended him a short time later and discovered items from the burglary in his car.

Over the next weeks, Augusta gave officers the locations of burglaries he committed along with the location of the stolen items.

In total, police say 23 burglary locations have been identified and contributed to Augusta. In some cases, the burglaries have not yet been reported as they had not been detected.

Police say the locations range from within the City of Warrenton up north towards Truxton, and then east towards Wright City. All of the locations discovered to date are in the northern portion of Warren County.

Items recovered included numerous guns, televisions, jewelry, computers, cameras, swords, antiques, air conditioning units, rare coins, musical instruments, CD’s, DVD’s, video game systems, video games, tools, leaf blowers, weed eaters, power tools, household decorations, photo albums, Christmas decorations, and an arrow-head collection.

Investigators are still working to locate any remaining burglaries and to recover all property.

Augusta stated he started to break into homes because he was unemployed and needed money to make child support payments.

At this time, he has only been charged with the Woodridge burglary. Additional charges for the other burglaries and stealing are pending.

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