St. Charles County leaders meet to discuss school safety -

St. Charles County leaders meet to discuss school safety

ST. CHARLES COUNTY, Mo. (KMOV) – St. Charles County leaders say a lack of mental health services is creating a weak spot in school safety.


School administrators, law enforcement and mental health experts met Tuesday as part of the county’s School Safety Task Force to talk about finding real results in security.

The Sandy Hook Elementary shooting in December sparked all kinds of talk about the role of mental illness and access to treatment.

The experts said there’s a lot of misinformation and stigmas attached to the issue of mental illness. They say education is the first step not just for students, but for everyone.

“We need to put resources into mental health services, we need to educate parents so they feel confident and we really need a campaign on a national level to destigmatize mental illness,” said

Laura Heebner, CEO of Crider Health Center, one of the largest mental health orginizations in the state.

Heebner says mentally health illnesses should be treated like any other ailment.


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