Litchfield teachers, district agree on 2-year deal, avoid strike -

Litchfield teachers, district agree on 2-year deal, avoid strike

LITCHFIELD, Ill. ( – The Litchfield teacher’s union has accepted a two-year agreement with the Litchfield School District.


Lynne Taylor of the Litchfield Education Association said teachers finished their vote shortly before 5 p.m. According to Taylor, teachers met at 3:45pm and talked about the agreement before voting.

While exact details of the agreement remain vague, News 4 learned a three-percent raise was the major point of contention. While Taylor would not lay out the exact deal, she said the teachers would be getting more money.

However, she said that came with a lot of give and take.

“So many things back and forth, back and forth,” Taylor said. “Back and forth were big issues that we said, ‘okay, well if you can do this or do that’ and they did that.”

Superintendent Chad Allison agreed.

“We definitely did the give and take,” Allison said. “In the end, we are happy with what we ended up with.”

With the deal now passed, the 1,500 students in the district will be back to school on Wednesday, the day the threatened strike would have started. The measure will move to the school board, which will discuss the measure at the next board meeting on Thursday, Jan. 17.


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