Savard: Alabama in a class of its own -

Savard: Alabama in a class of its own

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By Brendan Marks By Brendan Marks

ST. LOUIS (KMOV) -- As a lifelong Notre Dame fan, last night’s game was tough to watch. Sickening actually.

But Alabama’s humiliation of the Irish confirms a few things that I have believed for some time. First, Nick Saban is the best college coach on the planet and maybe the best of all time. I didn’t say he was likeable, just great. Also, that the SEC is all alone atop college football’s power conferences. The SEC has no equal and hasn’t for more than a decade. The conference now boasts seven straight national championships.

I’m actually grateful to ‘Bama for proving that you can still win taking an old-school approach. That is, playing a power game featuring two great lines. It’s really what Jeff Fisher believes wins in the NFL. But in this day and age of the spread offense taking over in college, Bama wins by playing “old man football,” as Mizzou’s Sheldon Richardson is fond of saying. 

I’ll have to settle for Notre Dame being relevant again. I think it’s great for college football. Yes, I hear you Irish haters screaming at me now. That’s what makes Notre Dame’s relevance great. It sparks debate and discussion. There’s no debate about what we should call Saban’s program. It is a DYNASTY.

If he doesn’t like me using that word, he can make me run stadium steps tomorrow at 6 a.m.

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