Settlement made in park ranger shooting at Arch -

Settlement made in park ranger shooting at Arch

ST. LOUIS -- The federal government will pay $520,000 to relatives of a man who was shot to death by a park ranger near the Gateway Arch.

The settlement of a lawsuit filed by the relatives of 23-year-old Randolph Scott Jr. was finalized Monday, with neither side admitting fault. Scott’s family originally sought $10 million.

Ranger Joshua Updegraff shot Scott in June 2008 after confronting four men near the Arch. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports Updegraff shot Scott several times after he was dragged by a car door when Scott tried to drive away.

An attorney for Scott says the family believed Updegraff improperly used force, had a history of incidents involving force and was not properly trained or supervised.

A U.S. Attorney says the government believes Updegraff acted properly.


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