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Feldman: Hockey is back, a good thing for many

ST. LOUIS (HockeyStL) -- The frustrations that many felt surrounding more than half the season lost due to an NHL lockout is nothing compared to the frustrations felt by those who were left jobless.
This lockout had much less to do with these millionaire players having nothing to do than it did the security guards, ushers and everyone else whose jobs were dependant on hockey being played.
Those are the people who should be jumping for joy right now more than anyone.  It's a darn shame that this had to take place because the higher ups in the NHL had to bicker over every last penny and how it would be divided among owners and players.
From the salary cap to the maximum length of contracts to pensions, labor agreements are never a fun thing to deal with.  No one truly understands them, even those who are directly involved.  Us fans have no chance of getting why this is happening.
All that matters now, though, is that it's over and hockey will be played once again.  A 48-game season or a 50-game season, this is going to be an all-out sprint to the Stanley Cup.  Every single night is going to be a playoff-type atmosphere.
There won't be anything even remotely close to a throw-away game.  And it's going to be, all things considered, one of the most exciting things you'll see in sports.
With the Blues now a playoff type team, get ready for one heck of a wild ride.

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