St. Louis considered one of America's 'drunkest cities' -

St. Louis considered one of America's 'drunkest cities'

ST. LOUIS (KMOV) -- While St. Louis is considered by some to be the beer capital of the United Sates, a list put together by the Daily Beast indicates it’s one of the drunkest as well.

In a list of the ’25 Drunkest Cities of 2012, the Daily Beast ranked cities by the average number of alcoholic beverages consumed by adults each month. It also based the rankings on the percentage of people classified as “heavy drinkers” and “binge drinkers.”

St. Louis ranks 23rd on the list, with adults consuming an average of 13.4 alcoholic drinks each month. According to the list, 18 percent of the St. Louis-area population was deemed “binge drinkers,” while 6.1 percent are classified as “heavy drinkers.”

Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Chicago were among six Mid-Western cities with St. Louis to make the cut, ranking third and eighth, respectively.

The Daily Beast ranked Boston as the top drinking city in the country, with about 20 percent of the population classified as “binge drinkers.”

St. Louis actually dropped in the annual rankings compared to last year, when it was ranked eighth.


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