St. Louis woman stumped by tree trimmer who won't finish job -

St. Louis woman stumped by tree trimmer who won't finish job

How many months does it take to cut down a tree?

Depending on the tree service, two months and counting.

“I made the mistake of paying him before it was complete” said Angie Moore.

Ever since she paid Matt Craig to take down a massive tree, he’s been tough to find.

“It’s gotten to the point he won’t even return my calls,” Moore told News 4.

In October, she paid Craig $1,600 to do the job.

He cut off the top part of the tree, left a big pile of debris, then left. 

“I just think he’s not motivated to finish the job,” said Moore.

So News 4’s Chris Nagus went to track him down. When he knocked on Craig’s door, the woman who answered said he was taking a nap, but he woke up to talk to News 4.

He said he might be able to get to it in a few days. That was on December 21.

Craig did end up picking up the sticks, but the massive tree and the two story trunk remained.

Craig’s business is registered with the Missouri Secretary of State as Out on a Limb. There are several businesses in Missouri with the same name.

Angie Moore is just hoping Craig will do what he was paid to do back on October 27.

If Craig finishes the job, News 4 will let you know.

If you have a scam, rip-off or government waste story you want News 4’s Chris Nagus to check out, send him a message on his KMOV Facebook page.

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