Pattonville High upping security for new year -

Pattonville High upping security for new year

PATTONVILLE, Mo ( -- Thursday marks a return to school for many students in the St. Louis area, and at least one area high school is looking at tighter security.

Students and staff at Pattonville High School will getting new ID’s and be required to wear them at all times.

Pattonville Superintendent Michael Fultonsays the new security measure is not a direct result of the events at Sandy Hook Elementary, but rather an incident Pattonville High School last month.

Reportedly a  teen not registered at the school was able to walk the halls for a two days. Administrators hope the new IDs will raise awareness and help students be more proactive.

“They’ll work together as a team if they recognize an adult or student that doesn’t have an ID, they’ll take measures to see if that student has an ID and if they’re supposed to be on campus,” said Fulton.

The superintendent says the new policy is actually an old policy that was discontinued last year at Pattonville High.

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