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Outsmarting an intruder: tips on staying safe

(KMOV) --  A recent rash of home break-ins across the Metro area has many residents concerned that they might be next.  But there are steps that residents can take to reduce their risk of being targeted by thieves.

For starters, place as many barriers between you and the bad guys as possible. For example, consider installing storm doors in addition to a reinforced front door. Some homeowners might even want to think about bars on basement windows.

Pat McCarthy of Special Services says that having a plan is vital to your safety. “Most families have fire escape plans. Similarly, they should have one in case of invasion,” said McCarthy.


Also, always have a charged cell phone in case of emergencies, and if you don’t have an alarm, keep an air horn on hand – it might startle the invader, which could give you enough time for the next step: protecting yourself.


McCarthy suggests having a safe room to stay until help arrives. A safe room can be a bedroom or a closet.


He also says that having a loaded gun isn’t always a good idea, because unless you have used a weapon during a stressful situation, it might make the situation worse.


The last safety step is the escape. Take time to plan a quick way to get to safety if you need to.


Remember, don’t fight the intruder if you don’t have to. Material possessions can always be replaced.


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