Cahokia police address rumors of race-related hangings -

Cahokia police address rumors of race-related hangings

(KMOV) – The rumor mill has been fueling stories of multiple hangings of young black men in the Metro-East. But police say the stories are not true.  

There was one recent death related to a hanging in Cahokia, but the coroner says the April 25th death of a 15-year-old boy was actually a suicide.


This death might be at the root of the rumors.


Parents in the Metro-East are on edge, and one parent has been taking extra precautions to ensure the safety of his child.


John Hagler has been walking his 7th grade daughter to school every day since hearing that three young, black males were murdered by way of hanging.


However, the stories seem to vary slightly. Some have heard that there are two victims and that the bodies were found hanging in various locations near Cahokia and Dupo.


“None of them are true. They’re all false,” said Cahokia Police Chief Richard Watson. “Believe me. We investigate everything very aggressively. I’m an executive board member of the Major Case Squad. If we had anything like that going on, we’d have the Major Case Squad out here,” he said.


The stories have really hit home at Cahokia schools. That’s where the 15-year-old who died last month attended class.


Last Friday, the district sent letters home asking parents to talk to their kids about the rumors.


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