Alarming news about tornado sirens -

Alarming news about tornado sirens

Friday night was a good lesson for everyone - don't always depend on someone else to tell you about bad weather! When the St. Louis City Fire Dept. hit the tornado sirens Friday at 8:54 pm, there was a malfunction. Not only was there a delay of precious minutes before the sirens started, but at first they made a fog horn sound instead of the familiar siren sound. One lady told me today she thought it was a "flash flood" warning at first, and since that didn't affect her she wasn't too worried. In the past 48 hours, city EMA officials have done a full diagnostics test on the system, and can't duplicate the problem. Hopefully, it's a one time deal. However it's a good reminder to go buy a weather radio, and not always depend on big brother to take care of you!

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