Delayed tornado sirens stump officials -

Delayed tornado sirens stump officials

(KMOV)-- On Friday night, the 60 tornado sirens across the City of St. Louis didn't go off until the storms had nearly passed. Emergency officials are still trying to find out why the system failed.

Friday night, the fire department activated the sirens which were delayed for up to 10 minutes. When they did start, they sounded like an air horn.

City Emergency Management officials are stumped. They've done diagnostic tests on the system twice since Friday's storms. Commissioner Gary Christman says he can't find a problem.

"We're not sure if it was a lightning strike or a glitch in the system, or why the air horn sounded prior to the tornado warning," he said.

The city's tornado warning system appeared to be working fine during a monthly test this Monday morning.

Installed in 1999, the system is relatively new and Christman hopes it was just a one-time glitch.

"We do know the sirens are working, and our priority of course, is the safety of our citizens," he said.



This warning system is relatively new. The city put in 60 of these towers in 1999. But at the beginning of the storm season, Christman hopes it was just a one-time glitch.

He reminded News 4 it's designed to alert people who are outdoors. It's still recomended everyone have a weather radio as well.

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