St. Louis "tunnel people" seek answers -

St. Louis "tunnel people" seek answers

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By Lakisha Jackson By Lakisha Jackson

ST. LOUIS (AP) -- With the deadline drawing near for St. Louis' plan to demolish an old railroad tunnel where an estimated 150 homeless people now live, some of those people are seeking answers from the city.

Advocates say a Sunshine Law request was being delivered Monday to the city's Human Service Department requesting details on how the city spends federal money aimed at helping the homeless. The move comes amid a dispute between homeless advocate Larry Rice and some residents of the tunnel, and the city.

Later this month, St. Louis plans to move everyone out of the tunnel so that it can be filled in to better secure streets above it. But Rice says that will force homeless people out of the security and relative comfort of the area deemed "Hopeville" and back onto the streets.

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