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Uncomfortable Monday morning

For a myriad of reasons my assignment on Awake with News 4 was an unpleasant one this morning.

I was standing in a parking lot near I-55 and Highway 141 in Arnold less than a mile away from a crane a man had climbed around 3:30 this morning apparently threatening to end his life.

This incident blocked off a few streets and the North-bound on-ramp to I-55 from Highway 141 so that was certainly information we had to get out there.

The struggle I had was talking about the situation over live pictures of the man five stories high on the crane.  We saw him sitting, standing, throwing stuff off, motioning with his hands, climbing higher and ultimately, thankfully climbing down to safety around 6:45am.

Whew.  I say that first because I'm glad the man didn't hurt himself or anyone else and hopefully he's on his way to getting some help.

But  "whew" is also for the fact he didn't jump or lose his footing up there on live TV.  Something that distiurbing is one of the last things we'd ever want to broadcast but with our camera on the guy, that was certainly a possibility. 

I was not at all comfortable with the situation but luckily things worked out well for everyone involved.

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