The Mommy Diaries: Use your words -

The Mommy Diaries: Use your words

My 18-month-old son is not a big talker...not that there's anything wrong with that. His daddy is a quiet guy, and since he is a clone of daddy, it's no surprise that Jude is a little on the quiet side too. Jude does talk. He says about 10 different words. But, we're at the age now where I feel like he should be talking more than he is and I'm starting to get a little anxious.

I wouldn't say that I'm worried. I know that Jude is smart. I know that he understands what people are saying to him. He responds to everything we ask him to do. And I know this isn't a hearing issue. I know that he can hear what we're saying. I think he's just a quiet kid. Jude has always been the type of kid to do things his own way and in his own time. He doesn't want to be forced into things. The other night, we were sitting at the dinner table, Jude wanted more food, so my husband said, "Jude, say 'More.'" So Jude used sign language and did the sign for more. My husband said, "Jude, say 'More.'" Jude looked at his daddy and just shook his head no. I mean, how do you argue with that. He's not going to talk if he doesn't want to.

We've done everything we can to encourage Jude to talk more. We clap and cheer when he repeats words after us, we read to him every day and we talk to him constantly. There really isn't much else we can do. Like I said, I'm not worried, I'm just anxious. I desperately want to talk with Jude more. I want him to be able to communicate with us better. I know he gets frustrated when we don't know what he wants and if he could just tell us, it would be so much easier. I just keep telling myself what my mom keeps telling me...they all talk before they go to Kindergarten. Until then, I'll just keep encouraging Jude to use his words.

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