The place to be Friday morning for cheap gas -

The place to be Friday morning for cheap gas

One of the most popular places to be downtown around 8:00 Friday morning wasn't a hot new restaurant... or outside Busch Stadium waiting to get a voucher for cheap tickets...

It was at the corner of Broadway and Chouteau at the unmanned Phillips 66 gas station. 

The price of a gallon of gas was starting to spike around town.  We saw $2.89... Heard reports of $2.99... Already saw $3.09 in Caseyville, Illinois.

But at this Phillips 66 the price was still $2.69 and people were flocking there like it was the only gas station around.

The line at the pumps was three cars deep... people were circling and turning around to get in position to get their cars filled up before the price changed.

I had reported from 5am to 7am Friday on Awake with News Four about the rising gas prices and told viewers how at 4am I took advantage of the $2.69 gas at Broadway and Chouteau and showed my receipt on live TV.

I wondered for a second as I watched the crowd of cars, "Could I be responsible for this?"  "Are this many people watching us and paying attention?"  I can't imagine.

However, one woman rolled down her window after getting gas and drove up to me and said she saw me this morning on TV and that's how she knew to come there and get gas for $2.69 per gallon.   I didn't survey the couple dozen other people getting and waiting to get gas.

I'll just go into my weekend believing that one woman is representative of everyone else there and they all saw my reports and hung on my every word.  Yep, feels nice.

Enjoy your cheap gas, St. Louis!

Mark Schnyder is a reporter at KMOV-TV.  He can be reached at

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