The Charter Mess -

The Charter Mess

        According to Missouri Baptist University, the Ethel Hedgeman Lyle Academy was in a big financial mess.  Four months behind on rent, unpaid bills for security, transportation, electrical services and food service.

      The University, which held the charter, had been looking to end it this year, but they say they never  realized how bad the money situation had become.  The University is simply a sponsor for a charter here, and offers no oversight into the charter school's finances.  They get briefed on finances every two years.  In fact they say they demanded a new independent board take over the school last year, and while that did happen, things did not get better.

     St Louis City Schools have stepped in for the rest of the school year.  So essentially, the charter school is now a public school.  And no one knows if it will reopen in August.


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