No hoops in Granite City's biggest park -

No hoops in Granite City's biggest park

The frequency of foul language was getting to folks who enjoy the walking trail, part of which is just a few feet from the court.  Also, the fighting during pick-up games has gotten so out of control a few times, people called police to come break it up.

The city's had enough and now EVERYONE who enjoys playing basketball in Wilson Park gets to pay the price for the actions of a few idiots.  It's a shame but it's not surprising. 

This is not a permanent move, however Park District Director, Dave Williams couldn't tell me when the rims will return to the backboard.  He honestly doesn't know.  They're about to tear of the old, cracked court and face it a different direction so it's not as close to the trail.  But as far as permanently curtailing the bad behavior, Williams says they're still working on a plan.

Meantime those who'd like to shoot some hoops in Wilson Park can consider their shots indefinately blocked.


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