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Water On The Landing

It's 2:30 on Wednesday afternoon, I just walked into the newsroom after a quick trip to Laclede's Landing where things are starting to get wet. There is water over the road at Washington Avenue and Lenoire K. Sullivan Blvd, however the street is still open. I noticed plenty of cars taking a chance, but at least one guy driving a mini decided to turn around. I talked with the streets department, they are watching the situation closely, but at this time they don't have plans to close the road. The Mississippi is expected to crest around 2 a.m. on Thursday at 30.8 feet. Although that sounds high, it's not high enough to close the President Casino on the Admiral - that doesn't shut down until the river gets to 31.5 feet. Although it's not uncommon to see high water on the landing, I talked to a couple of tourists from Texas and North Carolina, they were fascinated with the water, they thought it looked pretty high to them. I will have a live report coming up from Skyzoom 4 at 5 p.m.

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