Fans want to put the brakes on the stripper-mobile -

Fans want to put the brakes on the stripper-mobile

(KMOV) – A truckload of strippers cruising through downtown near Busch Stadium after Cardinals games has a lot of fans upset.

After the first appearance of the “stripper-mobile,” St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay said he didn’t want to see the mobile around, and that he would find a way to stop it.


Parents also want to put the brakes on the stripper-mobile. Many say they are left to explain to their children why half-dressed women are riding around the city.


Chip Faulkner is one of those parents, and he is outraged. He was in the car with his daughter on Monday when he spotted the stripper-mobile. He says it completely caught him off guard.


On Tuesday, he and his daughter emailed the mayor and received a reply on Wednesday. Unfortunately, it was not the response they were looking for.


A spokesperson for the mayor said that Mayor Slay thinks the stripper-mobile is tacky, but legally, they have rights.


One Cardinals fan said that she is scarred by the experience. Ashley Ivesters says she won’t go to another baseball game until the mayor can tell her how to explain this to her son.




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