Neighborhood Crime Alert: Hazelwood burglaries -

Neighborhood Crime Alert: Hazelwood burglaries

(KMOV) -- Over the last two weeks, eight homes in the same St. Louis County neighborhood were burglarized. Police aren't willing to say the burglaries are connected, but they say they want them all to stop.

In a Hazelwood neighborhood bound by I-270 on the north, Frost on the south, North Hanley to the west and New Florissant to the east, police say they've seen a spike in home break-ins.

In some of the homes, crooks went for electronics. In the 200 block of Reasor, thieves targeted a flat-screen TV's. Last week, burglars stole a 46-inch, 32-inch and a 19-inch TV from the same home.

A few blocks away in the 200 block of Williams, someone busted down a kitchen door to get inside a house.

In response to the ring of burglaries, police have deployed extra patrols, detectives and unmarked cars. Instead of one officer patrolling the streets, there are now five or six. Resident Tony Green says he's noticed police at least once an hour, if not more frequently than that.

Police say residents in that area of Hazelwood should get used to seeing increased patrols.


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