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Powerless penguins: storm puts exhibit on hold

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

(KMOV) -- Residents around the Metro area weren't the only ones dealing with the aftermath of last weekend's powerful storms - some of the animals at the St. Louis Zoo had their own experiences with the bad weather, too.

The weekend storm knocked out power for the penguins and puffins at the zoo. The inside of the exhibit is now closed, and generators are keeping the birds at a cool 45 degrees.

According to Zoo officials, no animals were injured, but the electrical damage is extensive. "Basically, water from the torrential downpours we had made its was into some electrical conduit," says Michael Macek of the St. Louis Zoo. "There must have been a crack in it, and made its way into some major electrical panels in the Puffin Coast and caused an electrical fire."

Zoo officials say they hope to have the penguin and puffin exhibit repaired and re-opened by next week.


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