Kirkwood City Hall memorial dispute goes to court -

Kirkwood City Hall memorial dispute goes to court

A memorial to the Kirkwood City Hall shooting victims is nearing completion, but Michael Moore wants to halt progress.  Moore says public money is being used to build the memorial, and that's illegal.  John Hessel, Kirkwood city attorney says Moore is wrong.  Moore is not an attorney, but he says he's researched the issue.  Moore says he is not against the memorial, just opposed to public money being used.  Moore has filed suit, but today he asked the court for a temporary restraining order to halt construction until his suit is heard.  The Judge asked for more information, Moore said he could get it by Thursday, then the Judge gave Kirkwood until Monday to respond with a decision expected shortly afterward.  The suit will be heard later.  I called the MO Attorney General's office to ask if it is illegal to use public money for a memorial to a public servant who died and the AG's office said there is no state law they know of which prevents it, but there could be a municipal ordinance.

I assume Kirkwood's city attorney would be familiar with any municipal ordinance, but we'll have to wait a week for the Judge to rule. 

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