Storm damage causes road closure in west St. Louis Co. -

Storm damage causes road closure in west St. Louis Co.

KMOV -- Storms on Saturday caused a multitude of damage throughout the St. Louis area.

West St. Louis County was one area hit  particularly hard, even forcing parts of Ballas Rd. to close. As of Sunday afternoon the road was closed between Manchester and Dougherty Ferry Roads, and was scheduled to open at 7 p.m.

Ballas was blocked with utility trucks Sunday as crews were working to restore the power to some neighborhoods. Reports came in Saturday night that at some point, up to 10,000 customers were without power. By Sunday night, the number dropped significantly, but 700 customers remained without power.

One of the biggest hassles crews have had to deal with is people wanting to see the damage for themselves.

"...We try to tell people not to mess with any of the wires laying on the ground, but everybody wants to walk around and see what's going on, that's what's dangerous," says utility worker Adam Gaa. "That's why we tell people to stay away from all the downed power lines."

Tree service crews were out early Sunday morning after working late the night before.

One utility worker says while it's hard to be exact, he is seeing downed trees in one stretch about a quarter mile wide by a couple miles long.

With steady rain Sunday, the working conditions were less than ideal. The crews say they will be working at least through Monday.

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