Storm Damage in Kirkwood & Des Peres -

Storm Damage in Kirkwood & Des Peres

   It's just about 9:00 on Saturday night and we're outside the police department in Des Peres. 

   We're editing video for the 10pm newscast.

    It's starting to rain again.  It's been a strange mixture of weather today.  We had dark, threatening skies, then hail, then a downpour and then blue skies and sunshine and back to darkened storm clouds that looked as if they were there to deliver a twister.

   We talked to some homeowners in Kirkwood who had their homes damaged from the storm.  Let me say this right off the bat---if your home was damaged by the storm I understand it can be a hassle and a pain and you could have some headaches ahead of you.  But tonight there are no reports of any serious injuries and no deaths.  I worked in Oklahoma for a few years.  I covered some of the devastation from tornadoes.  I remember going to one town that had been hit by a twister and standing in the middle of what used to be a neighborhood.  You could turn around 360 degrees.  Everywhere you looked, as far as the eye could see, was nothing but rubble.

   A headache like what we had today we can live with. 

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