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Taking the elevator UP a burning building and other tidbits

I talked to four people who work for a law firm in the Laclede Gas building.  They were on the sidewalk like hundreds of others waiting to see if they'd have to go back to work Friday after the fire this morning.

They were all in good spirits after climbing down 17 flights of stairs.  One woman, Debbie Miller seemed inspired by her accomplishment.  As a cancer survivor with chronic health problems she told me she didn't think she'd be able to make, but her colleagues and strangers in the hallway kept rooting her on telling her she could make it and she did.  Very nice.

Before that though, her colleague Kristina Redmond did something I think she knew was a bad idea from the beginning.  When she was walking to her building from the parking garage she saw the fire on the 15th floor.  Not sure her colleagues already in their 17th floor office knew it, Kristina took the elevator up to the 17th floor to get them.

Wow.  Glad that turned out okay.  Kristina smiled and giggled while telling me, "...stupidly I took the elevator up to 17 and got them and we took the stairs down."

What an adventure and no one got hurt.  Awesome!

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