Interstate 44 to go from 5 lanes to 4 -

Interstate 44 to go from 5 lanes to 4

Crews have started to change I-44 back from five to four lanes. MO-DOT first added lanes to I-44 after I-64 shutdown. Since I-64 reopened Federal Law states MO-DOT must return I-44 back to its original configuration. Overnight crews started working to take the extra lanes away. Once done, the crews will make the remaining lanes and shoulders on the interstate wider. 

MO-DOT says when I-64 closed traffic volume increased by 20 percent on I-44. Since the reopening of I-64 traffic volume has decreased on I-44 considerably. Once the re-stripping is done, I want to know if drivers will miss the extra lanes on I-44 as MO-DOT predicts.  It appears all good things come to an end, including more lanes on I-44.



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