St Louis' Budget Pain -

St Louis' Budget Pain

St. Louis Mayor Slay says it was the most difficult process he's ever been through and most likely many will not like it.

In his budget propsoal for the city, the job loses look to be 71, with no police and firefighters being cut. Residents will have to now have to pay for trash collecting for the first time ever, $8 a month.  This will probably be put into the tax bills.

Other fees are going  up, food inspections, street blocking, permits, etc. Charges are coming to the city's recreation centers, although low-income residents will be exempted.

The police will charges the Cards, Rams, and Blues for traffic control on days of games.

Free City Hall parking for some employees is gone.  We're tiold the mayor will now pay to park.  80 dollars a month.

Failure to appear in court now will carry a $100 fine.

Only city department budgets that got increases were Circuit Attorney, Board of Elections, and the Fire Department.




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