Two cops named Matt... That's where the similarities end -

Two cops named Matt... That's where the similarities end

Two cops named Matt are making a lot of news lately.  Could these guys be any more different?

Matt Crosby was shot in the line of duty and may not walk again.  Matt Mitchell is a trooper who recklessly killed two young women two and a half years ago.

Matt Crosby is being praised and supported by friends as an all around great guy who caught a bad break.  Whatever support Matt Mitchell is getting is being given in private.

Matt Crosby is taking his punishment (he doesn't deserve) like a man... not feeling sorry for himself and looking to the future and hoping to get back to work serving his community in whatever way he can.  Matt Mitchell is trying to work the legal system anyway he can to avoid being punished or held responsible for the two innocent lives he abruptly ended by treating his job like he was in NASCAR  (Even those NASCAR drivers aren't on the phone when they're driving more than 100 miles per hour).

Matt Crosby is someone we can all get behind.  Matt Mitchell gives cops a bad name.

Matt Crosby is a border-line hero.  Matt Mitchell is a full-blown embarrassment.

I wonder what it would be like if these two guys ever met.  Matt Mitchell could benefit from some time with Matt Crosby.

Mark Schnyder is a reporter at KMOV-TV.  He can be reached at


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