Bankruptcy forces US Fidelis co-founder to sell expensive home -

Bankruptcy forces US Fidelis co-founder to sell expensive home

(KMOV) -- The most expensive real estate listing in the St. Louis area belongs to Darain Atkinson, the co-founder of US Fidelis.

Since his company's collapse, he has repeatedly been asked about the millions of dollars he allegedly took from the company. On Tuesday outside of his home, he spoke just long enough to say he is not going to do an interview.

However, the sale sign in front of his mansion has lots of people talking.

According to bankruptcy court filings, Atkinson's company US Fidelis helped pay to build his multi-million dollar mansion. Because of the company's collapse, more than 1,000 people lost their jobs, and customers from across the country have filed suit claiming they were cheated.

Now the most impressive sign of the company's fast track to success is on the block.

Just by comparison, the second most expensive home listed in St. Louis is a Ladue mansion, and it's priced at $5 million less than the Atkinson estate.


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