Revamp your wardrobe without deflating your purse -

Revamp your wardrobe without deflating your purse

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By Lakisha Jackson By Lakisha Jackson

You might have a new wardrobe at home and be totally unaware of the treasures hiding in your closet. If you make the right changes to the clothes you already own, you could have new outfits without spending a fortune.


Cecilia Coleman, a Chesterfield tailor, says she's never seen so many old clothes brought in for updates. "One lady brought in 56 pieces and had them all changed ans redesigned," says Coleman. "Suits that she had for ten years."

Coleman says her business picked up when the recession hit. Now people bring in items like old designer jeans to have them converted into trendier skinny style jeans for just $20.

Another customer brought in a wedding gown from years ago, and it just got a major upgrade. "It had the long sleeves, high we turned it into a strapless with [a] sweetheart neckline and took extra fabric and made a flower," says Coleman. "Flowers are very popular on wedding gowns now."

Considering the fabric, that customer might have paid nearly $2,000 for the dress. But taking the alterations route, she only paid $400.

Dresses and jeans aren't the only items eligible for upgrades - jackets can be made fresh, too. Coleman says she's tailoring jackets to give them a more modern look. She says as long as the jacket has a lot of seams, it's very feasible.

She can even take a long sleeved-shirt and turn it into a cap-sleeve summer top.

But these reinventions aren't just for the girls. "The boys at private schools are taking pants that are too short or worn in the knees and having then cut into shorts," she says.

Just be sure to bring in quality clothes. Coleman says for example, a $10 pair of jeans would not be worth altering.

Before making the decision to hire a tailor, be sure to visit the shop, check out the alterations as well as the customer service.



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