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Racism or Revenge?

Kevin Jackson is a deputy with the St. Charles County Sheriff's Department.  Somebody set fire to his deck furniture about 5:30 Sunday morning.  Dep. Jackson was working overnights.  His wife was home alone with the children.  The fire spread to the house, but everybody got out alive.  Did someone not like police officers?  Jackson's patrol car is clearly marked.  Or did someone not like the fact that his is the only African American family on the block?  His Department says he's well  liked and respected.  A friend of his landlord told me the Jacksons are his best tenants.   Now, Mrs. Jackson not only has to worry about her husband on the job, she has to worry about her whole family - even at home, overnight.  Deputy Jackson not only has to worry about keeping his community safe, he probably will have his family in the back of his mind every minute he's away on the job.  I really hope the Troy Police Department solves this one.  By the way, the family lost most of their belongings, they didn't have renter's insurance.  Information about fundraisers is elsewhere on KMOV.com.

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