North St. Louis could soon be armed with video cameras -

North St. Louis could soon be armed with video cameras

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By Lakisha Jackson By Lakisha Jackson




(KMOV)-- St. Louis police will soon be armed with a new weapon against crime, video cameras. The plan is to put up the cameras in north St. Louis, which is plagued with drug and gun activity.

Chief Dan Isom met with Alderman Antonio French about the placement of the cameras.

Police believe they can can go a long way to stopping crime up in north St. Louis, especially in the neighborhood along Natural Bridge.

The city has about $300,000 to install 12 cameras at certain spots that police have targeted as areas where crime occurs frequently, such as Fairgrounds Park.

Police think the cameras will be a deterrent to criminal activity but will also help them solve crimes.

The police currently do tap into other private security cameras around the city, but this system would be entirely for the police department. It would have the capacity to expand and add on other cameras around the city.

The cameras could go up by the end of the summer.


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