New research shows promise for breast cancer prevention -

New research shows promise for breast cancer prevention

(KMOV) -- Over the last seven years, 250 St. Louis women participated in a research study that has yielded promising results for breast cancer prevention.

Anne Schoenfield was one of those women. Breast cancer runs in her family, and she wanted to be part of the study that researched the effectiveness of Tamoxifen and Raloxifene in preventing breast cancer. The study also looked at the drugs' side effects.

"There were side effects - a lot of hot flashes," said Schoenfield. "I knew the benefits would outweigh the side effects."

There were other risks, namely uterine cancer with Tamoxifen, and doctors now seem to know that Raloxifene has little side effects and seems to prevent breast cancer effectively.

Schoenfield is now off the drugs, and is cancer free. But she also knows that she is still at risk for breast cancer, and she hopes the work to prevent the disease doesn't stop. "The one thing that's hard is as much as they know, they don't know, there's still a lot of research to be done," she said.

More research is expected, but for now, both of these drugs are in the arsenal for preventing breast cancer. There is also the added benefit that both drugs are effective in fighting osteoporosis.


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