Residents hold prayer vigil, say violence must stop -

Residents hold prayer vigil, say violence must stop

(KMOV) -- A coalition of religious, political and neighborhood leaders gatehred for a public prayer session after this weekend's crime spree in north St. Louis. The message to the neighbors was they are not along in their fight to stop the violence.

Sunday night, a 19-year-old was shot dead in a gas station parking lot while a white Pontiac Grand Prix sped away. While police were working the scene, gunshots rang out 10 blocks away bear Calvin and Shreve where police found a 26-year-old man wounded in the leg. He said he was on his front porch when a Chevrolet Blazer pulled up and opened fire.

About the same time, police said a carload of suspects tried to ram a police cruiser. The police chased the car, which later crashed at West Florissant and Holly. Four suspects were arrested.

Those who gathered at Monday's vigil said they are not giving up on the neighborhood. "We're building new houses, but we need businesses," said Laura Lomax, resident. "When we have businesses that can employ the people of the community, we don't have as many of those gunshots late at night or other acts of violence that even take place during broad daylight."

Police worked around the clock responding to shooting calls and other violent crimes over the weekend. They say there is no easy answer to curbing the violence.


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