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Ferguson Woman Gets New Heart

   You've heard the phrase "Their prayers were answered."  We throw it around without a second thought.  If ever the phrase applied to a story it's the story of Megan Moss.

   She received a new heart Sunday morning.  A donor from out-of-state.  The timing couldn't have been more crucial.  Saturday the family was ready to say their good-bye's to Megan.  She was that close to death.  The family says the doctors told them that Megan was too sick to even receive a heart if one were to become available.  Then things changed.  She improved.  About 10:00 Saturday night the family was told a heart was available.  Sunday morning she received her new heart.

   The family says it's important to tell Megan's story.  They want to show organ donations can save a life.  They want people to sign that organ donor sticker on the back of their driver's license.

   I could blog more about the daily updates that the family put on the Internet while waiting for a heart for Megan but I wouldn't be able to do them justice.  I suggest you check them out for yourself.  We've got a link.



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