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Crimes of the week

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Here are some interesting crimes that I came across recently, while looking through police reports. All of these crimes occured in Chesterfield, MO.

  • A father called the cops on his 22-year old daughter for stealing checks from him. I guess grounding her doesn't work anymore.
  • A thief stole jewelry from a guest at a hotel. What stood out in this police report was the estimated amount of the loss, $8000.
  • Sign of the times: threatening messages sent to a victim, via text messaging.
  • Police arrested a 35-year old woman for beating up her husband. Yes it happens.
  • Thieves often break into cars to steal GPS devices & cell phones. But, in one case a thief broke into a car to steal a diaper bag.
  • And police were called to a Chesterfield nursing home. Why? An 81-year old man assaulted another one of the residents.

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