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Missouri Attorny General asks FCC whether supremacist can air ads

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) -- The Federal Communications Commission is being asked to decide whether a white supremacist who is a fringe candidate in Missouri's high-profile U.S. Senate race should be allowed to air campaign commercials.

The Kansas City Star reported that Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster filed the request with the FCC on Friday. He was joined by the Missouri Broadcasters Association and a radio station chain in mid-Missouri.

The question Koster and the broadcasters want decided is whether Glenn Miller is a "bona fide" write-in candidate for the Senate in Missouri. Miller, of Aurora, has been buying or trying to buy airtime to voice anti-Semitic views and goading white people to "take our country back."

The FCC requires broadcasters to give qualified federal candidates access to airtime. Federal law says the stations can't censor or edit the ads.

Some stations have aired Miller's spots, saying they have no choice.

The petition before the FCC argues Miller isn't legally qualified because he isn't a bona fide candidate with a campaign committee, an office or press releases, as FCC rules require for write-in campaigns.

"Whatever Miller's commitment might be," the petition says, "it is not about getting elected in the general election, but simply to pervert the campaign laws to his true purpose of requiring FCC licensees to broadcast his non-campaign messages to an unsuspecting public."

Attorney Mark Sableman, representing the broadcasters, said the FCC needs to provide guidance to his clients.

"The integrity of the process is at stake," he said. "If anybody can have this very unusual right (of access) without truly being a bona fide candidate, then our whole political process has been undercut."

However, Miller disputed the claim that his candidacy lacks legitimacy.

"What possible evidence could be presented to argue the point that I'm not a bona fide candidate?" he said. "It's just a conspiracy trying to shut me up."

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