Collinsville PTA president charged with stealing money, using at -

Collinsville PTA president charged with stealing money, using at casino

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

( -- The president of a Parent-Teachers Association in Illinois is facing charges this evening, accused of ripping off the organization for more than $2,000 while spending the money in bars and casinos.

According to police in Collinsville, the investigation is focused on Summit Elementary School where $2,500 was taken out of two PTA bank accounts. Administrators gave police documents indicating that the money was missing. Investigators said the money was spent using a debit card in what was considered suspicious locations.

“The money was spent in bars and casinos,” said Officer Richard Witenauer, “and considering the organization has tax exempt status, a bank office saw this and shut it down because it looked suspicious.”

Police said the suspect is Heather Horvath, 38, who is the president of the PTA. She was charged earlier this week with three felony counts of stealing.

“You never know what to expect from people these days,” said parent Jenny Martin, “and that money was supposed to be spent on children. That is sad, really sad.”

“I went to school around here,” said Collinsville resident Erin Dickey, “and I cannot imagine them doing something like this to us, not something you would hear about every day.”

Authorities said Horvath surrendered Thursday and was released after posting a $20,000 bond. She is scheduled to make her first court appearance next Tuesday.

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