Matheny puts Wacha in 'tough spot'; Wainwright backs move -

Matheny puts Wacha in 'tough spot'; Wainwright backs move

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (BaseballStL) -- The Cardinals season came to crashing thud Thursday night in San Francisco, thanks to a walk-off shot by the Giants' Travis Ishikwawa. Matheny expressed in his post game comments that he had faith in rigthander Michael Wacha's ability.  Even though he has always displayed great poise, Wacha did not have the tools to face a battle-tested Giants lineup.

"I put him in a tough spot," said Matheny after the dramatic 3-run homerun.

Wacha had not pitched in almost 3 weeks, and showed the rust of being on the shelf since recovering from his stress reaction injury.  

Was using Wacha in the ninth inning the right move? Share your thoughts.

Matheny could have thrown a rested Trevor Rosenthal. Seth Maness and Carlos Martinez were also available. Both had combined to give up just one run, in over 10 innings during the postseason.  
Adam Wainwright took some heat off Matheny by revealing that he was out of gas after 7 tough innings.
"I think he made the right call", said Wainwright after the game.
Could you have ridden Waino for one more inning, considering he retired his final 10 batters?  Maybe you don't have to use Pat Neshek; and perhaps Michael Morse doesn't tie the game with that game tying blast in the 8th inning.
With their season on the line, Matheny turned to a talented pitcher who was not at his physical best.  That decision will leave a mark for this entire off season.  

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