Sex Offender Halloween law draws praise, criticism -

Sex Offender Halloween law draws praise, criticism

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 ST. CHARLES, Mo. ( – Sex offenders were put on notice in Lincoln County - obey the "Sex Offender Halloween Law" or you could face up to a year in the county jail.

Troy, Missouri police say Halloween night draws a lot of families into town from the more rural areas across Lincoln County.

There are special rules in place for October 31 and police have said they're going to make sure sex offenders follow those rules.  
Like all towns, streets are lined with children in Troy on Halloween night, but to keep kids from going to the home of a registered sex offender, Missouri law says that the offender must avoid all Halloween-related contact with children, stay at home between 5:00 p.m. and 10:30 p.m., and post a sign that says “no candy or treats at this residence," and the offender must turn off outside lights.
 “I see the benefit to this law,” said Tony Stewart with the Troy Police Department. “It does restrict those people access to children especially on a night when a lot of children are around." 
A growing number of states have enacted "Halloween laws" but they have their critics. 
Some say lawmakers have saddled police with keeping track of sex offenders when they should instead be keeping track of traffic which is a much greater threat on a Halloween night.   
A former columnist for the New York Daily News and author of the book "Raising Free-Range Kids," which promotes a less fearful attitude toward parenting, says the laws are pointless.

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