Mother of child left in car by daycare driver said police refuse -

Mother of child left in car by daycare driver said police refused to help her

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( – A woman who said a daycare driver left her child in a van alone at a south St. Louis County gas station told News 4 police refused to help.

Angellica Chacin said a driver for House of Montessori left her 7-year-old daughter in a car while the worker went inside the gas station.

“No kid should be left in a car, it’s dangerous. I can think of 500 things that could have happened to her,” Chacin said.

House of Montessori Director Janet Scarim admitted the driver left Chacin’s daughter in the car for a few minutes. Scarim told News 4 the driver took the keys but did not lock the door and went inside the gas station. Scarim said the driver kept a close eye on the child the entire time.

“I mean what does she have to do when she has her kids in the car and has to get gas?” Scarim said.

Chacin said she tried to go to police to file a report but police rebuffed her.

“He had read me some information. It states if it was not in the heat, then it was not against the law. She was not in harm’s way, but in many ways she was in harm’s way,” Chacin said.

Chacin said she has pulled her kids out of House of Montessori.

“I definitely feel they should not transport children. I don’t feel he should be there and I don’t particularly feel they be open,” Chacin said.

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