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2 Months of protests, just 56 Ferguson residents apply for new task force


A total of 56 applications were submitted .

• Mayor (1 total)

• 2 Council Members (2 total)

• City Manager (1 total)

• Police Chief (1 total)

• 2 police officers (2 total)

• 1 representative from each of the following Neighborhood Associations (10 total)

o Forestwood Neighborhood Group

o Jeske Park Neighborhood Assoc.

o Nesbit-Newton

o North Hills Neighborhood

o Northwest Ferguson 

o Old Ferguson East Neighborhood Association

o Old Ferguson West Neighbors

o Robert-Superior Neighborhood Group

o Southwest Ferguson Neighborhood Group

o Wabash Neighborhood Association 

• 1 high-level representative from an apartment management team (1 total)

• 2 residents selected from the different apartment communities in town (2 total)

• 2 business leaders (2 total)

• 2 members of the clergy from churches within the City (2 total)

• 1 representative from the DOJ CRS (1 total)

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FERGUSON, Mo. (KMOV.com) – – In early September, nearly 400 people crowded into a Ferguson church to voice concerns to the Ferguson City Council about what needs to change in the small north St. Louis County town. It was the first time since the shooting death of Mike Brown that council members and community members would come face to face. During that meeting, the council decided not to implement a Citizen Review Board just yet.

Instead, council members wanted Ferguson residents to apply for a special task force to figure out what the new board should do.

The deadline for applications was Tuesday night at 5:00. At that time, the city clerk said 33 out of the 21,200 people who live in Ferguson applied.

According to the application, the “task force will explore the role such board play in different communities, and begin to gauge what our stakeholders want from such a board and what should it look like to fit our City and our needs.”

Mayor James Knowles III discussed the task force with News 4 over the phone Tuesday morning. He said the board cannot be instituted until there is an agreement on what the board will do. Then legislation will need to be passed to activate the citizens group.

There are currently about 100 Citizen Review Boards across the country. Although Kansas City, Springfield and Columbia, Missouri., all have these accountability boards, Ferguson will be the first to have one in the St. Louis area.

Several St. Louis City aldermen have voiced support for forming one in the City of St. Louis.

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