St. Louis University Hospital prepares for Ebola virus -

St. Louis University Hospital prepares for Ebola virus

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By Sarah Heath By Sarah Heath

ST. LOUIS ( – Officials at St. Louis University Hospital say they have made big changes in the last several days in an attempt to be prepared if the Ebola virus comes to the area.

To prepare for a possible Ebola patient, the hospital has signs posted at every entrance with a checklist of symptoms meant to identify any possible red flags as soon as possible.

Hospital officials have also had to undergo continuous training in the last couple of weeks to know what to expect and how to handle Ebola patients.

The hospital has constructed a special isolation unit that doctors and nurses can use right away if someone is showing signs of the virus.

St. Louis University Hospital has also created a ‘frontline’ team. The team consists of a group of healthcare workers with the most training that would be called in right away when an Ebola patient arrives.

The hospital held a town hall type meeting on Tuesday for healthcare workers to voice their concerns about the virus and the hospital’s preparedness.  

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