Good samaritan's deed backfires, results in stolen vehicle -

Good samaritan's deed backfires, results in stolen vehicle

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By Ruella Rouf By Ruella Rouf

FRANKLIN COUNTY, Mo. ( – A Franklin County woman does a good deed for an acquaintance, only to have her car stolen by the very people she helped. The thieves allegedly hit the woman’s brother with the car and are currently on the run.

Tisa Eggers was greeted with an early morning knock on the door, Tuesday. Her acquaintance Robert Bean, 35, and his girlfriend asked her if she had money so they could buy groceries for the child they were with.

“The child was not dressed appropriately, she didn’t have shoes on,” said Eggers.

Eggers decided to buy the couple and child groceries. As she was unloading the groceries from her car, the couple allegedly ran off with her vehicle. As Bean and his girlfriend sped off, Eggers’ brother tried running after them.

“I said … ‘Go, go, go!’ [but] he couldn’t get there fast enough … they circled and then they ran him over,” said Eggers.

Despite scrapes and back pain, her brother is okay. Bean and his girlfriend got away. Officials said they are looking for Bean who already faces charges for ramming a sheriff deputy’s vehicle in a chase.



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