Activist announces write-in candidacy for St. Louis Co. Executiv -

Activist announces write-in candidacy for St. Louis Co. Executive

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ST. LOUIS ( – Activist Zaki Baruti announced Wednesday he is a write-in candidate for St. Louis County Executive because he believes neither of the candidates in the race will address the problems in Ferguson.

Baruti is supported by the Justice for Michael Brown Leadership Coalition, who said St. Louis County voters need an alternative to Republican Rick Stream and Democrat Steve Stenger.

“We will not go with business as usual and that would be two candidates representing two major political parties that have not shown any type of moral leadership stemming from the crisis in Ferguson,” Baruti said.

The race has already taken unusual turns. Many African American Democrats have endorsed Stream. Many believe it would be difficult for a write-in candidate to win.

“I don’t look at it as taking away votes from any of the candidates. I look at people voting for change and they’re voting for change by casting a vote for me,” Baruti said.

Baruti criticized Stenger and Stream for not calling for St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch to step aside in the Michael Brown shooting case.

“I know we’re going to everything in our power to get him into a position so that these type of unjust situations can stop and we can have fair equality in our community. We are sick and tired,” said Baruti supporter Kenneth Jones.

Baruti ran for Governor of Missouri in 2000 as a member of the Green Party. He received around 9,000 votes.

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