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About KMOV Cares

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By Daniel Fredman By Daniel Fredman

ST. LOUIS -- KMOV is devoted to making a difference in our community by partnering with nationally recognized and smaller local non-profit charities to aid the citizens of St. Louis.   

KMOV is dedicated to bringing key issues in our community to light to make a difference.  It is our mission to raise awareness through special broadcasts, news stories, public service announcements, web, mobile, and social media presence.  Our award-winning journalists and staff strive to lend a helping hand.  Plus, Steve Templeton’s 4 Degree Guarantee has generated over $31,550 in donations to date for our partners. More importantly KMOV has raised awareness for each organization, spurring even more donations, thanks to our viewers.   

KMOV Care partners:

If you would like information on becoming a community partner email us at

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