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Woman says man pointed gun at her in midst of road rage on I-70

ST. LOUIS (KMOV) – Police told News 4 it will be difficult for them to track down the suspect in a road rage incident that occurred on I-70 Thursday.

Nikki was driving westbound on I-70 Thursday as part of her typical morning commute when the incident occurred.

“Every day I head down that way and I’ve never experienced anything like that in my life,” said Nikki.

Nikki spoke to News 4 on the condition her last name would not be shared.

“I made a left merge into the fast lane and then all of sudden a truck came flying up on my bumper, lights bright, trying to ride my butt

 Marie said it then took a disturbing turn

“He pulled up next to me really quickly and rolled down the window and that's when he pulled out a gun, a black handgun directly out the window,” she explained.

For several minutes she said the driver kept the gun pointed at her as they drove from St. Charles Rock Road to I-270.

“I could read his lips saying I’m going to kill you, I’m going to kill you,” Nikki said,

She said called 911 and was able to give able to give a good description of the truck as the driver exited at Earth City.

“It was a newer Toyota truck, a Tundra, double cab, dark gray,” she said.

She said she even got a good look at the driver.

“I looked him straight in the eye, I saw what he was wearing, a bright orange t-shirt and a baseball hat lined with camouflage. He had a five o’clock shadow and was in his mid-40s.”

However, police said she only caught part of the license plate. They said that will make it very difficult to track down the driver.

If you have any information, please call St Louis County Police.

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