Expert: Difference in perception leads to mistrust of law enforc -

Expert: Difference in perception leads to mistrust of law enforcement

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( – The mistrust between police and minorities has been brought to the forefront in the aftermath of the shootings of Michael Brown and Vonderrit Myers.

Many protesting the shootings have said they do not trust police because of racial profiling. 

“I believe profiling is going on every day,” said one protester. “Look how I’m dressed, so automatically they’re going to look at me as thug.”

A professor of criminology at the University of Missouri St. Louis said well-trained officer profile, but not based on race. He said officers profile based on the situation at hand.

“They need to look at situations and factors and assess a situation to see if there is some sort of potential criminal activity,” said Tim Maher, who is also a former police officer.

Maher said the difference in perception between police and minorities can lead to distrust.

Maher believes having minority representation in police departments will help solve the problem. However, Maher said there are not enough people from minority backgrounds who want to become police officers.

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